Best Sellers For June 2016

Best Sellers For June 2016

Posted by CLIMAGS on 13th Jul 2016

Here at CLIMAGS our customers are very important to us, your views and input are an essential piece in how we run and grow our business, as a "thank you" every month we provide you with a look at our Top 5 Best Sellers from the previous month. When encourage you all to view this information and utilize it to your advantage. Here are some ways in how this data may benefit you:

-Market Trends: How did last month's press release affect sales in the Firearm Industry?

-Finding New Products: What in the world? I didn't know they made that?

-Staying Up-To-Date On Inventory: Wow! Those have been out of stock forever!

The #1 Seller for last month is the MSAR Magazine STG-556 42 Round Mag!

Current Best Sellers:

1. MSAR Magazine STG-556 42 Round Mag

2. Lake City Army Ammunition .30 Carbine Ammo

3. Extended Glock 40s&w Magazine 31 Round KCI Mag

4. AR-15 Magazine .223 / 5.56 42 Round Black ProMag Mag

5. Extended Glock 9mm Magazine 33 Round KCI Mag