Vertx VTX5175BKNA MAK LOK Accessory Pack Stretch Fit Velcro One-Wrap Black F1 VTX5175 BK NA

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Experience the unique storage options of Vertx Tactigami with the MAK LOK accessory system. MAK stands for MAGs and Kit, meaning our patent pending wrap adapts to fit any size gear, from MAGs to flashlights, cell phones and more. Uniquely, the MAK LOK features an additional strap for securing gear in place. Built from Velcro One-Wrap, this accessory piece literally wraps around your item for a completely customized fit, then attaches to loop panel for unparalleled organizational capability. Pair with any of the Vertx packs and bags for everyday carry options and ultimate concealment. The MAK LOK is sized to fit larger items such as rifle magazines, smartphones and medical kits but can be adjusted to fit smaller items.