Hornady V-Max 22 Caliber .224 53Gr. 22265

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With its combination of proven materials, innovative design and streamlined profile, the Hornady® V-MAX® represents the pinnacle of what a specialized varmint bullet can achieve, offering straight-line trajectories, enhanced accuracy, dramatic expansion and explosive fragmentation at a wide range of distances and velocities.

The industry's leading varmint bullet with polymer tip and streamlined design results in flat trajectories. The concentricity of the match grade AMP® bullet jacket provides maximum accuracy at all ranges as well as explosive expansion, even at velocities as low as 1600 fps.


  • Polymer Tip: The secret to the explosive terminal performance of the V-Max® is a hollow cavity resting between the tip's shaft and the body of the bullet. Upon impact, the hard shaft builds up speed and energy before driving into the core, causing the entire package to rapidly expand to the point of violent fragmentation, even at low terminal velocities.
  • Higher Ballistic Coefficient: Hornady® combines the sharp, pointed polymer tip with the most aerodynamic profile for a high ballistic coefficient. The V-MAX® profile also provides the maximum bearing surface for added in-flight stability.
  • Swaged Lead Core: The swaging process allows precise formation of the core up and around the tip, with a cavity under the tip's stem. This allows the tip to build up energy before smashing into the core, causing dramatic fragmentation of the core and jacket.
  • Precise Boattail & Flatbase Designs: Utilizing the proper base design provides incredible in-flight stability for long-range shooting.
  • Caliber: 22 Cal. .224"
  • Sectional Density: .151
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .290 (G1)
  • Bullet Weight: 53 Grain
  • Application: Varmint < 50 lbs
  • Box Count: 100