Hornady FMJ-BT 30 Caliber .308 150Gr. 3037

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Hornady's Traditional Rifle bullets are built with a rugged AMP bullet jacket (Advanced Manufacturing Process) that clearly delivers better performance. The thin-plated full metal jacket is easily distorted and often breaks or separates when the bullet impacts the target. The AMP bullet jacket features virtually zero tolerance for concentrically and near-zero wall thickness variation, punching through targets without deforming or breaking.


Brand Hornady
Category Reloading Bullets
Caliber 30 Cal
Model Traditional
Application Target,Match
Bullet Diameter .308
Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket Boat-Tail (FMJBT)
Coefficient .398
Core Material Lead
Jacket Material Copper
Quantity 100 Per Box
Sectional Density .226
Weight 150 gr