Frequently Asked Questions

Why Abide Armory?






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"Why Abide Armory?

1. Fit and Feed Guarantee!

We Guarantee all of our products to fit and function. You get a 3 day inspection period from the time your order is delivered to ensure that the item you received is fully functional for the purpose you are intending to use it for. 

2. Fast And Accurate Shipping!

Orders are usually shipped within 1 business day.

"I received the order about 1:30pm today. I just wanted to thank you for shipping the correct items (so many nowadays mess up an order) and also you thank you for the fast shipping. I especially want to thank you for the professionalism of the staff. Very helpful and patient answering all of my questions."

         JS- North Carolina

3. Secure Transactions!

We use our own private SSL certicate with a 256-bit encryption to process your private information. Transactions are not accessed by our staff without your consent and direct authorization from a supervisor. When your information is accessed it is only done so by certified staff members

4. Private Personal Data!

We do not share/sell/lease your private information to anyone! Please see our Privacy Policy for more details!


Q. Is An Item In Stock?

A. Yes, all inventory levels are updated every 15 minutes and if it is not available you will not be able to order it.

Q. Is The Inventory Level Correct On The Website?

A. Yes, we have a close to live system that gives real time inventory. We physically stock all of our products at our warehouses.

Q. Do You Take Backorders?

A. No, at this time we do not. Our website is set up not to allow any order for items that are out of stock.


Q. Where Do You Ship?

A. We only offer shipping within the United States 50. If both your billing and shipping address' are not represented by a Star on the United States Flag we do not ship to you at this time.

Q. I Have 2 Places Of Residence, Can I Send A Restricted Item To My Residence In A Non-Restricted Area?

A. No, if either your billing or shipping address are located in an area in which the items you are trying to purchase are illegal we will not send them. We require that any and all documents submitted to us show that you are a legal possessor of the purchased item.


Q. What Kind Of Payment Do You Take?

A. We take American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. 

Q. Why Can't I Place An Order?

It may be a number of things:

1. Verify the item is in stock

2. AVS verification. Your billing address information must be exactly the same as the information your card provider has on file for you.

3. CVV verification. The security code on the back of the card needs to be a match what you enter on the website.

We provide the highest security for our customer's personal information. These protocols are a precautionary measures to help us ensure that only you are using your card on our website.

Q. Why Do I Have To Create An Account?

A. Your account information is used to contact you in matters regarding your orders. We also use your information to keep track of your history with us, we often give thank-you gifts to our most valued customers through store credits, coupon codes, etc.  Your personal information is never used for marketing or sold to third parties. If you wish to receive a newsletter from us, please sign up in the bottom left corner of our website. 

Q. I Can't Find What I am Looking For, Can You Help?

A. Yes, one of our favorite things to do is help our customers find items that they need. Our number one goal is customer service, if we can't help you find something your looking for, then what good are we? We will find anything you need us to.


Q. Why Was My Order Cancelled?

A. Typically, it is because the items you ordered are not legal in either the place where it is being shipped to or your billing address. Please double check our High Capacity Laws page. We do NOT make exceptions for Military, Law Enforcement, or FFL's. If your order is cancelled you will be issued a refund and emailed a reason for the cancellation. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


Q. Do You Buy And Trade Items?

A. Yes, we consider ALL buying/trading opportunities. Submit a contact us form to open a dialogue with one of our team members, tell us what you want to sell/trade and we will give be able to give you a quote.

Special Pricing

Q. Do You Offer Dealer Pricing?

A. Yes, we love working together with others in our industry and are willing to give them dealer pricing with a copy of their business/tax license. Please submit a contact us form to inquire about any of these.

Q. Do You Offer Bulk Discounts?

A. Yes, please submit a contact us form with quantity and we can provide a quote.


Q. Do You Take Returns?

A. Yes, within a 3 day period from the time your package is delivered.